About us:

Formed in 2014, Tendermint is the creator of Cosmos, an ecosystem of interoperable blockchains. We are a software engineering company that focuses on the Cosmos SDK and Starport, state-of-the-art frameworks for blockchain development. Over USD 100 billion worth of digital assets is secured by the 200+ blockchains built with the Cosmos SDK.

We’re passionate, self-driven industry leaders whose vision is to empower people to create a more transparent and accountable world through open, distributed, and interoperable networks. We believe that the technology we’re building will have a major positive impact on how humans connect and coordinate globally. Join our growing international team and help us build the most popular multi-blockchain ecosystem in the world.

About the role:

Our Design team is seeking a talented product designer with extensive experience designing complex products with functional, intuitive, and beautiful web and mobile app interfaces. If you are a motivated and versatile individual who thrives in a fast-paced, startup environment and isn’t phased by highly technical challenges, you’ve come to the right place! Your work will be hugely impactful, as your designs will be used by a rapidly growing, international community of Cosmos developers. Join our ambitious team and plug into the most powerful blockchain ecosystem.

Your mission:

Our vision is to make the process of building a blockchain super simple, frictionless, and even delightful. The success of any tool or framework that aims to streamline a developer’s workflow is contingent upon a solid developer experience. Therefore, understanding the needs of the users (developers) on a deep level will be paramount in your mission – not an afterthought.

With that mantra at the heart of your design process, you’ll conceive and execute product, market, and user research efforts to guide your design decisions and become an expert in the field. Next, you’ll be tasked with the unique challenge of designing end-to-end user flows, graphical user interfaces, and sometimes GUI-less experiences for the following greenfield projects:

– ‘Matchmaking’ application for blockchain developers (coordinators) and validators (collaborators).

– An interface for coordinating the decentralized deployment of a blockchain.

– A validator (hosting) service for newly launched blockchains – think Netlify or Vercel, but for blockchain.

– Various interfaces for developer tools that can be used to manage and interact with blockchain infrastructure.

– Component libraries for scaffolding quick and easy front-ends, including features like a crypto wallet and blockchain voting.

– Many more exciting, innovative blockchain-based tools and applications to come!

You’ll be collaborating with a lean team of engineers and internal stakeholders in your mission to find elegant solutions to complex technical problems, many of which will venture into uncharted territory with new and exciting opportunities for design innovation.

Your skills:

If you’re a serious Product Designer, we know you know what your skills are. We expect you to have a wealth of experience using best practices to bring technical products to life – from research to ideation, to prototyping, to user testing, to production, and beyond. We trust you to be a master of your craft. How you deliver your best work is up to you. Nevertheless, here are some things we’re specifically looking for:

– You have an innate sense for good visual aesthetics, but the wisdom to decide when function should come before form.

– You have used developer tools like IDEs, CLIs, GitHub/Lab, Netlify, Vercel, etc., and can identify what makes them great.

– You’ve architected, designed, and maintained component libraries used in production environments.

– You’re prepared to dive into all aspects of the product development process – including product marketing.

– (Bonus) You yourself are a developer!

– (Extra bonus) You have experience with or an interest in blockchain technology or crypto.

How we work:

We have team members working from across North America, Europe, and Asia. We leverage agile methodologies to move quickly and stay focused. Communication is important to us and we rely heavily on Slack, Zoom, and GitHub to help us stay in sync. All the technology we build is open source. This is a full-time remote position and you’re free to work from anywhere. Be advised that most team meetings occur between 8am and 12pm Pacific Time (UTC-8/-7).  If you’re applying from a location where these hours are outside your usual working hours, you’ll be expected to adapt to our meeting times.

What we offer:

– The opportunity to be part of building the future of the Internet

– Flexible work schedule

– Excellent benefits like educational budget, fitness and wellbeing spend

– Flexible PTO

– Healthcare, Dental and Vision insurance 100% covered for employees in the US

– 401K Match in the US

– Competitive salary, including equity.


– To apply, please go through our online application process and include a cover letter and a link to your portfolio.