Remote is THE global platform that enables companies to employ people anywhere in the world, taking away all legal and compliance complexities. Remote handles global payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses big and small. (read more about how it works).

We encourage folks from all ethnic groups, genders, sexuality, age and abilities to apply. We value kindness, ownership and team collaboration. You can check out our public handbook to learn more about our culture. You can also check out independent reviews by other candidates on Glassdoor. If this job description resonates with you, we want to hear from you!

How we work

Remote is fully remote (ah!) and we love Working Async. This means you get to do your own schedule no matter the timezone. The Remote Engineering team uses a simple approach to productivity and task management and you can read more about it in The Remote Flow.

The team you’ll be joining: over 70 engineers, spanning across Frontend, Backend, SRE and QA. We’re organised into product teams composed with engineers, designers, product managers, operations and finance, each dedicated to achieving the same goals in a specific domain.


Must have (professional experience):

  • 5+ years of practical experience in Security Engineering or relevant field (Penetration Testing or Risk Analysis background)
  • Experience in managing a team
  • Experience developing a Security Vision and Roadmap for a Technology company
  • Experience in hiring Security professionals (Risk Analysts, Penetration Testers, Security Engineers) and developing hiring plans
  • Knowledge of Security in a Cloud context (AWS)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of Security in DevOps-aware company (CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, asynchronous SDLC)
  • Kubernetes and Container security
  • Experience in fraud detection and prevention
  • Experience in performing formal Security Analysis of applications and communication between systems (STRIDE, DREAD, OWASP)
  • Experience in architecting secure systems
  • Experience in Security in remote work and Zero-Trust environments


Hiring Process

  1. (async) Application review – Thomas will take care- Recruiter (Gaby) will send rejection email if so.
  2. Interview with our recruiter — 30 mins
  3. Interview with SRE Team Lead — 45 mins
  4. Interview with Security Engineer — 30 mins
  5. (async) security exercise (you’re not expected to spend more than 2 – 4 hours)
  6. Interview with the team (without any manager in the call so you can really get to know the people and ask all you want to ask) — 30 mins
  7. Interview with your future manager (CTO)
  8. (async) Reference calls
  9. (async) Offer