Every day, millions of people rely on WeTransfer to share their creative ideas.
Founded in 2009 as a simple file-sharing service, WeTransfer has grown into a set of tools designed around the creative process. Beyond the WeTransfer.com platform where 50 million people send one billion files every month, we have the storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, and inspiration-capturing tool Collect. We design and deliver delightful experiences that continue to feel obvious and intuitive to millions of people—from our moms to your favorite artists. As a certified B-Corp, WeTransfer aims to be a sustainable and responsible tech company, balancing people, planet, and profit.
So, the work we do matters. Come and be a part of it.
We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our uploads and downloads team. They own and operate the services that power WeTransfer and that move millions of ideas every day. This is the right role for you if you get excited about doing things at scale and you are not afraid of a challenge.
You would join our uploads and downloads team as member number three. We are a team of builders that take a lot of pride in their work and really care for the code.
About our workflow
We think that software is gardening. We trust each other to make good decisions, to provide and accept good feedback and we believe that Ruby is a suitable vehicle for supporting the growth of our business. If that raises an eyebrow with you; reach out and we are happy to tell you why and how.
We believe that a service is not something you put “out there” and forget about – the SUDo team specifically both develops new services and maintains existing ones. By maintaining our infrastructure and software well we try to keep our code clean, our tests passing, and our technical debt within reasonable margins. We are certain that any fashion, be it monoliths or microservices, is to be applied sparingly – for example, we split our services based on data isolation, vastly different load profiles, and team ownership.
We bring our code to production using continuous integration and self-service deployments. Enabled by infrastructure as code built on top of the platform-as-a-service provided by our platform team, we own our products end-to-end.

Challenges you will work on:

    • Process lots of user data fast and (cost) efficient.
    • Explore new technologies to solve old problems.
    • Build and design APIs that help our product teams build awesome user experiences.
    • Build and operate resilient and scalable shared services.

Who we are looking for?

    • Above all else we value open communication and good teamwork to achieve a shared vision.
    • Ruby is practically your second language (you know your Rspec from your Minitest, your Exception from your StandardError, your Symbol from your String and your stabby lambda from your Proc). You love working with the language and have used it to solve interesting real-world problems. Helping others to improve their skills is something you enjoy and actively seek out to do. If you have a lot of experience in another language but are willing to make Ruby your own – great!
    • Strong verbal and written communications skills (English).
    • Experience designing and writing highly-scalable systems.
    • Experience in building cloud-based solutions.
    • Always looking for ways to improve the way we work.
    • Even better if you have contributed to Open Source projects (we’d love to see them!).
A note on remote
COVID forced us to work remotely. We are getting there, we are writing more, doing more async communication and are now ready to take it to the next level. There is no need to be in Amsterdam for this role. We are happy to work with anyone who is up to 3 hours ahead or behind Amsterdam time. We would expect you to come to Amsterdam up to 6 times a year.
Our customers are very diverse so we believe firmly our teams should be as well. So if you like what you just read but feel you miss one or more skills;  in the end we hire people and not skills.
WeTransfer is an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our people. We welcome you, and everything that makes you—well, you. That includes your gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, or disability status.
A few more things about us, written by us: