About SureSwift Capital

At SureSwift, we’re building the company we want to work for, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to join our fully remote team of 90+ people around the world.

SureSwift places a high emphasis on a positive work-life balance. We all work remote and focus on building a culture of being known as exceptional operators of excellent SaaS business where everyone thrives!

SureSwift Capital is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

*Please be aware that there are intricate recruiting scams going on. For legitimate opportunities, with SureSwift Capital, you will be contacted directly through our ATS or @sureswiftcapital.com. Any other type of initial correspondence should be treated with caution. SureSwift Capital’s interview process consists of video meetings to ensure legitimacy of the business and candidates.*

About Mailparser & Docparser

Docparser is a SaaS data capture solution that automatically fetches documents such as PDF files and scanned invoices from various sources, extracts the data the customer is looking for, and moves it to where it belongs in real-time via direct integrations or iPaaS providers like Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate.

Mailparser is a B2B SaaS that automatically pulls data from email to gain workplace efficiencies. Mailparser enables its users to extract all relevant data fields from incoming emails that contain important data in the email body or in the form of attachments and send that data to other systems via direct integrations and iPaaS providers like Zapier.

Your Daily Challenges

You will be responsible for developing and executing the Product/Marketing/Growth strategy for both Docparser and Mailparser. You will collaborate with the General Manager for both products on this strategy, and implement and execute the components both independently and while working with other team members.

Key metrics that you will own:

  • New website visitors
  • Free trials created
  • Number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Number of product qualified leads (PQLs) (Leads that complete onboarding)

Marketing Responsibilities

This is both a hands-on role where you will be expected to be in the weeds executing your strategy whether that is creating an A/B test, setting up an email campaign or reaching out to influencers, as well as a management position. “The Parsers” have a marketing team member currently that will report to you, and you will work closely with internal partners on our Product Management and Design teams, as well as external agencies, when needed.

  • Manage the activities of the current marketing manager on the team.
  • Paid Advertising
    • Create, test, and optimize digital ad campaigns for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google (Including PPC), YouTube.
    • Evaluate and identify new keywords to test.
    • Explore other paid advertising mediums and platforms.
    • Track and report on all conversions (free trials, MQLs, paid accounts)
    • Ensure we are following industry best practices.
  • Content, SEO and CRO
    • Identify new keywords to test.
    • Modify existing content to improve ranking and conversion rates.
    • Develop new content for the website, blog, social media and other external platforms.
    • Create and monitor A/B tests to test and optimize pages (We use VWO for A/B testing).
    • Track and report on all conversions (free trials, MQLs, paid accounts).
    • Ensure we are following industry best practices.
  • Social Media – Evaluate this opportunity and determine a strategy for both products.
  • Develop and implement a strategy to re-engage free trial accounts that never converted to a paid plan.
  • Increase the number of free account sign-ups that qualify as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) for the sales team to pursue.
  • Manage and optimize the marketing funnel and conversion metrics. (Visitors → Free Trial → MQL → Paid Accounts).
  • Create, manage and optimize (open rates, click rates) email campaigns.
    • Onboarding new free account sign-ups.
    • Nurturing free account sign-ups to re-engage them.
    • Nurturing existing paying accounts to encourage upgrades and adding more use cases.
  • Create, manage and optimize our user and buyer personas to ensure we are targeting the right audiences.

Your Experience

  • 5+ years of SaaS Marketing.
  • 1+ years of experience managing a team.
  • 2+ years utilizing Hubspot for marketing.
  • Experience with the kind of tools utilized by SaaS businesses (Amplitude, Appcues, Google Analytics, Google Ads, AHREFs, VWO, etc.).
  • CMS experience (WordPress a plus!).
  • Experience growing and scaling a SaaS business.
  • Experience creating a marketing plan for a SaaS business.
  • Experience working with remote teams.

Your Compensation

The annual pay range for this role is expected to be between $90-$120K CAD or $70K-$95K USD. Actual base pay could vary based on factors including but not limited to experience, subject matter expertise, geographic location where work will be performed and the applicant’s skill set.

*The candidate that we are looking for would be available to work in Eastern Timezones. This opportunity is not currently available to candidates who are located in Quebec*

Background checks will be conducted on final candidates.

Thanks for the time you took to read about this opportunity.