Posit creates software that helps people understand data and make better decisions in real-world applications. Our core offering is an open-source data science toolchain used by millions worldwide, and we aim to make it available to everyone, regardless of their economic means.

We’re a Certified B Corporation®, which means we’ve written our open-source mission into our corporate charter. Our commercial products support this work, which helps data scientists manage their work and share the results with others.

About the Role

We seek a software engineer with C++ experience to join our Platform team. The team works across all Posit products, working on common engineering services, cloud deployments, and developer team productivity. This is a high-leverage team that can impact many people and customers.

You will primarily be working on the launcher, a key piece of technology at Posit that is used in multiple commercial products. The launcher can easily distribute workloads in Kubernetes, Slurm, and other systems. There are also plugins that are currently written through the launcher SDK and an experimental Go plugin framework.

What you will own:

  • Development and delivery of key parts of the launcher.  As you gain knowledge here, we want you to be able to design, develop, and maintain key features in the launcher and its plugins.
  • Product-minded planning of launcher features.  As you more fully understand the launcher, we will also want you to be considering what launcher features are needed, both from the perspective of internal stakeholders and the customers.

What you will help with:

  • Guiding platform projects through the full software development lifecycle from planning through support. You will work with the team to ensure we deliver high-quality software and engage with our customers via our asynchronous support channels to continuously improve the products by taking customer feedback into consideration.
  • Prioritization of enhancements and bug-fixes to ensure that we are always delivering the most value to our customers.
  • Working with many different teams within the organization. We work a lot with other teams and can act as a connective glue with our platform work. To be effective, you will need to work with and coordinate with these other teams.
  • Improving the development process to ensure that it is a seamless and enjoyable experience for all members of the team.

What you will teach us:

  • C++ best practices.  We are looking to expand the C++ expertise on the platform team, and you will help us learn the key tools and best practices for working with C++.
  • Other areas of expertise, such as Kubernetes. We are a team that likes to learn, and we are happy to learn about whatever expertise you have.  We expect you are coming here with some knowledge of Kubernetes, and we are interested in adding to our knowledge of distributed systems. We’re also always looking to add to our knowledge of Slurm, IBM LSF, and CGo.

What you will learn:

  • Technologies we use that you don’t already know. While it is helpful to know them, we don’t need you to join here knowing Go or other technologies that the launcher works with. We do need you to have C++ and Kubernetes knowledge, but the rest you will learn along the way.
  • An appreciation for data science workflows and some of the tools and methodologies used by data scientists. Most of us do not come from a data science background but enjoy learning from those around us on this.
  • The Posit products and how they empower our customers to do effective data science.

Within one month, you will…

  • Get to know everyone on the team and get familiar with our current development strategies.
  • Follow our onboarding guide and suggest improvements.
  • Work on your first feature request and open a handful of pull requests for review.
  • Begin understanding how things fit together.

Within three months, you will…

  • See your code changes reflected in our current product versions.
  • Participate in feature planning and provide feedback.
  • Feel comfortable with the repository layouts

Within six months, you will…

  • Add your name to our list of ownership areas and learn more about these topics.
  • Understand our customer escalations and tickets well enough that you can advocate for them in planning.
  • Teach the team lessons from your previous experiences.

Within a year, you will…

  • Understand how the commercial products work together to create a great data science platform.
  • Join the occasional customer call to help you see these points of view.
  • Plan a feature and kick off the development.
  • Point to parts of the products that you have significantly contributed to.

Working at Posit:

  • We welcome all talented colleagues and are committed to a culture that represents diversity in all its forms.
  • We prioritize giving ourselves “focus time” to get deep work done. We minimize meetings and attempt to operate asynchronously.
  • We are a learning organization and take mentorship and career growth seriously. We hope to learn from you and we anticipate that you will also deepen your skills, influence, and leadership as a result of working at Posit.
  • We operate under a unique sustainable business model: We have over 50% of our engineering dedicated to creating free and open source software.  We are profitable and we plan to be around decades from now.
  • Posit is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and a Certified B Corporation®, which means our open-source mission is codified into our charter. As a result, our corporate decisions balance the community’s interests, customers, employees, and shareholders. Hear more about why we think this matters here.


We offer competitive compensation with extensive human-first, people-focused benefits to prioritize your personal and financial well-being.

  • 100% of medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums are covered for employees and their families! Fertility and gender-affirming healthcare is included in all of our plans.
  • Supplemental mental health and wellness benefits are available via Ginger even if you don’t opt in to our insurance plans, including Ginger for teen family members.
  • Posit’s gender-neutral paid parental leave policy covers all new parents, including foster and adoptive parents.
  • All full-time employees are eligible for 401k enrollment starting on day one.
    • After six months of employment, Posit matches 50% of employee contributions up to $10,250 annually.
  • An annual profit-sharing bonus for employees recognizes our team’s contributions to company performance across the year.
  • We are a 100% distributed team. You are also welcome to come into our Boston office.
    • We offer a $400 monthly reimbursement for coworking space rental if you prefer to work away from home.
  • Our Lifestyle Savings Account offers an initial deposit of $1800 and then an additional quarterly stipend of $375 to cover the costs of professional development, wellness, financial health, charitable giving, and remote work support.
  • We provide a flexible environment with a generous vacation policy that encourages a minimum of four weeks PTO per year plus 13 paid company holidays.

Are you excited about this role but not sure if your experience aligns with every qualification in the job description? That’s okay. We know multiple perspectives are essential for a thriving organization and we’d still love to hear from you! 

Posit is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities, and perspectives to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed.