You’ll be combining customer feedback with the goals of the business to manage our roadmap and come up with the next killer feature. You’ll work with our design, engineering and marketing teams to see those features through the entire development -> marketing cycle. You’ll focus on measuring and driving adoption and conversion across our funnel.

Your work will be instrumental in driving Chromatic’s financial success and shaping both Storybook, a ubiquitous open source frontend development tool, and Chromatic.com, a platform designed to enable a “component-driven” workflow, which our team genuinely and passionately believes is the future of frontend software development.


  • Synthesize your ideas, our business goals, customer feedback, product analytics and insights gleaned from the marketing/sales teams into feature specifications and help maintain our roadmap.
  • Work closely with the engineering and marketing teams to ensure we ship world class software that the world hears about.
  • Manage analytics instrumentation across our products and use it to make data driven product decisions.


  • 5+ years product management experience with some of those years spent working on features directly tied to growth (e.g onboarding).
  • A background in software engineering or product management experience at a devtools company.
  • Proven experience in managing analytics instrumentation and using the data to make informed product decisions.
  • A keen interest in UI, design and the frontend ecosystem.
  • Excellent technical communication skills and enthusiasm for writing things down.
  • Timezone: US East Coast to US Pacific (you don’t have to live in the US).
  • Bonus: A business degree or entrepreneurial experience.

You’ll be joining our small team and and working on the entire product spectrum from broad and strategic direction down to the nitty gritty details of specific features like our snapshot diffing UI. We care about details and will only ship work we can be truly proud of. We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.

Why work here?

 Build the tools behind the biggest sites. Our products help companies develop UIs for hundreds of millions of people.

 Work with brilliant frontend people who helped create core frontend tech for thousands of companies from Airbnb to Zenefits. Three times. In a row. Meteor, Apollo GraphQL, and now Storybook. Learn more

 Have a big impact and learn a ton by working across open source, cloud services, and developer experience. You’ll ship products you can be proud of.

 Now is the best time to join. Storybook is one of the fastest growing open source projects with wide adoption. We’re profitable and scaling quickly with customers like Shopify, Adobe, and BBC.


  • Be respectful
  • Take pride in the work
  • Invest in each other
  • Inspire others to grow
  • Outcome over ego
  • Don’t overthink it
  • This is supposed to be fun


  • Work from anywhere
  • Annual retreats
  • Health benefits for you and yours
  • Parent and family-friendly
  • Home office setup stipend
  • Learning stipend
  • Unlimited vacation
  • 401(k)

Everyone talks to customers

The best way to serve customers is to talk to them. We schedule one day a week for you to get to know our users first-hand. You’ll learn about their challenges, answer questions, implement improvements, and support their success.

Our top secret business model

Build an open source project to scratch our own itch. Build production-grade cloud services that complement the open source project. Use that money to build more open source stuff. Along the way, make UI development faster and more satisfying for everyone. About us

Join an inclusive team

We’re an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate based on race, nationality, belief system, sexual orientation, gender, age, military service, marital or partnership status, family or parental status, disability or any other status protected by law. View other openings