About Tenfold

Customers expect to be immediately recognized while receiving personalized service delivered consistently across interactions and channels. Unfortunately, companies are struggling to keep up with these expectations. Tenfold provides the connective tissue between a company’s communication platforms and customer data, empowering sales and service teams with a 360-degree view of a customer at the moment of interaction, capturing 100% of customer conversations and automating repetitive and time-consuming steps across disparate systems.

Backed by Andreessen-Horowitz, Salesforce Ventures and NextCoast, Tenfold transforms customer engagement for more than 600 customers in over 50 countries including several F100 companies.

At Tenfold, we are changing the way that companies recognize and respond to their customers at the moment of interaction, helping them have better customer conversations. In the past, you would contact a company through their customer service line and quickly become frustrated having to provide your account number or basic information over and over again, waiting on hold through long periods of silence while the rep looks up basic information. It’s an everyday stressor that’s outdated and unnecessary and it is also why we started Tenfold.

Tenfold enables companies to better engage with customers and improve their customer experience by automatically syncing the data between their existing CRM system, telephony platform, and other digital channels (email, SMS, chat, etc.). Customer-facing agents will have added insightful context to the person they’re speaking with, allowing them to have more personal and productive conversations.

Tenfold is used primarily by sales and customer support teams to ultimately serve their existing and future customers better by having more meaningful conversations leading to happier customers. Sales members can personalize their conversations to convert more. Customer support agents can serve more customers in a more efficient manner.

Senior Architect:

Tenfold is a modern SaaS company that was “born in the cloud”. Our Cloud software is delivered as containerized microservices that are managed through Kubernetes in an GCP infrastructure. Our tech stack includes: node.js, TypeScript, Java, Angular, and various NoSQL DBs (Mongo, Firebase, ElasticSearch)

Tenfold is looking for a hands-on senior engineer to design and architect Next-Gen software for Tenfold. As a Senior Full Stack Developer / Team lead you will desgining components of the Tenfold product ensuring stability, quallity, and high-availability. You will design and help Tenfold to build and maintain Tenfold’s integrations (API and WebSocket),and build APIs that can be consumed and leveraged by 3rd parties. Tenfold Integrations would include phone systems, CRMs, ERP, Ticketing systems, etc. Above all, you will be helping build NexGen iPaas software to add value to our enterprise-class customers.


  • Design and architect Next-Gen iPaas features, drive various research spike projects to understand the unknowns and be willing to gather data in order to take data driven decisions
  • Collaborate with various engineering teams on understanding the requirements and drafting architectural proposals to enable building of solid software.
  • Provide technical recommendations and oversight to various engineering teams/projects on creating scalable, maintainable and robust solutions.
  • Containerizing services and ensuring proper deployment services using Docker.
  • Manage our development tools, dev ops systems, and CI/CD pipeline
  • Architect, Design and implement REST-based and web-socket based microservices.
  • Play a critical role in all architecture, coding, testing, and deployment decisions.
  • Collaborate with peers on specifications, code reviews, and testing.
  • Communicate with customers and partners to be able to provide business value and engineering value to the problems at hand.
  • Design and Develop High Velocity, High Volume and Low Latency Data ingestion software
  • Produce unit and automated end-to-end tests to improve code quality and maximize code coverage for new and existing features.
  • Understand and work with Kafka, MongoDB, ES, Redis, SQL
  • Understand and work with Git, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes
  • Understand and work with Typescript, Javascript, Java, Angular, NodeJS, MEAN stack


  • At least 8 years’ experience as a full stack developer with Java, JS, NodeJS, Angular.
  • At least 2 years’ experience as a technical lead responsible for Software design and architecture.
  • Experience with CRM, Telephony, or Digital channel integrations highly desirable.
  • Experience with data aggregation models for multiple data sources or iPaas.
  • Experience architecting Enterprise class Multi-tenant SaaS application platform
  • Experience working with Google Cloud Platform, AWS, or Microsoft Azure.
  • Experience designing OnPrem, Cloud and Hybrid software.
  • Experience with Agile development methodology
  • Experience with MongoDB, Kafka and Elasticsearch is highly desirable.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • You have worked on building Enterprise grade software products.
  • Understands different software architectures, is able to discuss constructively various technical proposals with the Engineering team.
  • Strong System design background with a data-driven mindset
  • Good understanding of Software design tradeoffs, frontend and backend constraints and ways to optimize to maximize company goals.
  • You have strong oral and written communication skills with experience of collaborating with engineering teams.
  • Strong problem-solving experience being able to come up with solutions including collaborating with 3rd party engineering teams.
  • Be curious, self-driven and humble.

The Perks & Benefits

  • Competitive salaries
  • Stock Options (become an owner in the company)
  • Incentive compensation based on successful attainment of measured goals
  • Employee medical and dental coverage
  • Short and long-term disability
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Generous vacation time
  • Rapidly growing organization experiencing high growth and opportunities for career development
  • Exciting customer base and quality opportunities for advancement
  • Austin Hottest Startups Watchlist
  • Austin A-List best businesses in a Growth phase