As a Staff Frontend Engineer at Appcues, your work will empower thousands of Appcues customers to improve their product’s UX without writing any code. This is a unique opportunity to chart the technical direction and raise the technical bar for a thriving remote team of Frontend Engineers. Appcues’ React-based apps and JavaScript SDK allow customers to design beautiful in-app web or mobile experiences such as onboarding guides, checklists, tips and surveys.

Our world-class customers, such as Amplitude, Lyft, and Segment, embed Appcues in their products to improve their product’s adoption and engagement for millions of their end-users.  Fun fact: Chris Coyier uses Appcues for Codepen’s user onboarding!

Tools We Use

    • Our apps are built with React (version 17+) and utilize styled-components & Radix UI Primitives.  Data is managed using URQL (GraphQL), SWR (REST) and Redux/redux-saga.  Modules are bundled with Webpack & Rollup.
    • Recently, the Studio team has begun using TypeScript.
    • We test with Jest and Cypress, and document our components in Storybook.
    • We collaborate with Github, Slack, Zoom, Shortcut, Figma, Miro and Chromatic.
    • We release continuously to staging and production using feature flags and CircleCI.

About The Role

    • Our fully remote engineering and product team currently has over 53 people comprising six small, cross-functional teams.
    • You will start off as a member of one of our Studio focusing teams. Which includes 2 teams combining of 10 engineers and QA to set our customers up for success to both manage and measure how their experiences are influencing their users’ behavior and product ROI.
    • You will be supported and coached by Jessica DuHadway, the team’s Engineering Director.
    • On a typical day, you may propose a technical solution, break down an epic, implement a feature, plan a technology migration, educate the team on a new practice, or mentor another engineer.
    • Our engineering teams work in two-week iterations, communicate via Slack and Zoom, and are committed to remote, agile development. You’ll create and send small pull requests with tests and tag your team for review when you are ready.  We use CI pipelines to deploy to production and regularly improve them to deliver higher quality software faster.
    • You’ll collaborate with product, customer success, technical support, and sales to translate customer needs into working code and a delightful UX.
    • You will be involved in all development stages, including discovery and user-testing of new features and products.
    • You will work with an engineering manager and product manager to ensure the product roadmap in your team’s domain is both realistic and achievable.

About You

    • You have designed modular front-end architectures to support the rapid growth of significant front-end, client-rich applications.
    • You enjoy mentoring other engineers and helping them grow technically. You have been a key go-to person for your expertise and help on recent teams you’ve been a part of.
    • You are an expert in at least one JavaScript framework and have the ability to quickly ramp up on new frameworks when they are better suited for the task at hand. You are pragmatic, not dogmatic.
    • You are comfortable influencing your team’s JavaScript standards, practices, and tools by rolling up your sleeves and showing how things can be better. You can clearly describe the business implications of your technical decisions. You are excited to architect front-end services and systems that are scalable and performant, and enhance developer experience.
    • You have a deep understanding of browser internals and the DOM, and are an expert at CSS.
    • You are passionate about unit and integration testing strategies, the testing pyramid, CI pipelines, and the challenges of sustaining test suites over the long term.
    • You enjoy documenting and presenting your ideas both synchronously and asynchronously, and then iterating based on the feedback you receive from your teammates
    • You have experience using different branching strategies, and understand the value of coding in small batch sizes
    • You are comfortable with package management and the related ecosystem of tools, builds, distribution techniques, and component library strategies.
    • You can comfortably work full-time with a minimum overlap with your team from 11am – 4pm Eastern Time. e.g. some team members work full-time from 8am-4pm ET, others 11am-7pm ET and some make up the difference in evenings. While we are a 100% remote-1st company and you can work from anywhere, we require the ability to collaborate with our team during these 5 core hours.

Our Benefits

100% remote – We don’t have an office so all of our employees learn and collaborate in the same way using remote work practices. This won’t change post-COVID as we are committed to being 100% remote for the long-term. We work in Slack, Zoom, and a collection of modern collaboration tools. We have inclusive remote events and, after COVID times, will get together twice a year for a fun off-site retreat.

Well-being – You’ll have solid health, dental, and vision plans; access to 401k, and a generous maternity and paternity leave.

Fair pay – Each role has a defined salary band, bands and salaries are audited on a regular basis to help maintain fairness and market value

Home office and tech budget – Besides paying for your work computer (Mac or PC), we offer a one-time $1000 home office stipend and an additional $500 annual budget for extra work-related technology.

Coworking space, on us – Home office not cutting it? We’ll reimburse your monthly coworking fees.

Equity – We want everyone invested in our success. We grant every employee equity in the company.

Transparency and collaboration – We foster team alignment with meetings of all shapes and sizes—a monthly all-hands meeting called FirstThurs, weekly team lunches, and Lunch & Learns., and an annual learning stipend.

Unlimited vacation – We believe time away to reflect and explore makes us all more productive, so we expect each employee to take a minimum of ten days of vacation per year. Employees based in the USA also take off all US federal holidays. Employees residing in other countries can choose to follow their local national holidays or US federal holidays.

About us

At Appcues, our mission is to help teams build products their users love. With Appcues, you can create in-product experiences (user onboarding, feature announcements, checklists, and more) without writing any code. We believe it’s the non-technical people who often have the best information about a user’s needs and desires, and we give them the tools to act.

We’re a dynamic group of talented teammates who challenge, trust, and care about each other, their work, and the success story we are writing. Our values are not just words. We live by them.

Appcues is an equal opportunity employer that commits to diversity and inclusion and also celebrates it. We do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status, or marital status. We believe that diverse teams foster a more inclusive company culture, build better products, and are more human, humane, and fun.