Staff Frontend Software Engineer – Remote within the US or In Office (UT, PA, CA)

Nav is democratizing small business financing. In other words, we give small business owners access and control.  Yes, this challenges the norm, but it means working with curious, purpose driven, dedicated, and inquisitively smart people who push themselves, our company and the community to the next level (and every level after that). We are the people behind the tech. And when it’s good, we look for better. We don’t over think the value we bring nor spend time trying to revamp mantras. We also do not come up with some crafty way to tell you who we are and what we offer. We are Nav!  Here, you’ll gain a wealth of experience, learn the tricks of the trade, and work with winners. All companies say people are connected to their mission but in our case our mission and our people are one – it is a way of being not just a cause you are committed to.  And since 2013, Nav has holistically and organically developed its own ideology because Nav can only be Nav.


  • Keeping your skills relevant for the future by leveraging best in class tech stacks, code pairing, cross functional project opportunities, and courses that help build your business acumen.
  • Creating trustworthy and intuitive user experiences by building interfaces that are simple, easy to comprehend, performant, and reliable using modern technologies like React, NodeJS, and Apollo GraphQL.
  • Producing unit and end-to-end tests so that we are continually improving code quality and maximizing code coverage for new and existing features.
  • Owning and ideating on technical solutions for product requirements and user stories with minimal supervision.
  • Communicating engineering concepts and efforts cross functionally with: product, marketing, operations, senior leaders, sales and business development, legal, and compliance.
  • Owning and driving high-level features from planning through implementation.  You are involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle, and constantly solving complex technical/business problems.
  • Working cross functionally to understand product requirements, evaluate trade-offs, and deliver solutions needed to build innovative and disruptive products.


  • You have extensive experience developing and shipping user-facing features using React, NodeJS, and Apollo GraphQL.
  • You are excited and interested about future trends and best practices in front-end architecture, including performance, security and usability.
  • You are seen by your peers as a subject matter expert any of these: React, NodeJS, and Apollo GraphQL, and aren’t afraid to share your ninja skill sets with other developers.
  • You have connected your Node server to a database.
  • You have a background in Financial Services (lending, credit cards, insurance, banking), Ecommerce or other B2C/B2B industries where providing a personalized customer solution is desired.
  • You have built and implemented a successful personalized marketplace within multiple channels.


  • You are flexible and respond quickly and positively to shifting demands and opportunities; ability to work under tight deadlines and plan, organize and carry out multiple, detailed tasks.
  • You are an influencer with strong business and financial acumen – you find the intersections between technical operations & company strategy.
  • You have excellent analytical, decision making and complex problem-solving skills.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset, with a bias towards user-centric innovation.
  • You are comfortable operating on both strategic and tactical levels, simultaneously acting as an internal ambassador, educator, analyst, solutions architect, and implementer.
  • You are constantly researching and assessing companies’ best practices through networking and strategic partnerships.
  • You have an affinity for a hyper-growth business.


At Nav, we celebrate what makes our employees unique because the businesses we serve are progressively diverse and distinctly original. Navericks are diverse, side hustlers, immigrants, veterans, queer, and we push generational boundaries. We are college dropouts, PhDs, special needs parents, allies, pet owners and community leaders. Navericks are human.  We are committed to upholding a safe, supportive environment where everyone matters. We are committed to making a better future for all of us. We have created a workplace where people of all backgrounds can express their identities authentically. To put it simply we want you to be proud to be you.


We believe great, enduring relationships are grounded in trust and transparency. Compensation shouldn’t be a distraction, and employees should understand how pay and career advancement decisions are made.  Providing equal pay for equal work is table stakes for being a great place to work. Gender and ethnic inequity should only be something that our children read about in history books.  We believe providing Navsters with company ownership, competitive pay, and a range of meaningful benefits is the start of creating a culture where people want to give the best they’ve got — not because they’re simply making money, but because they’ve fallen in love with our vision, mission, values, and team.


Competitive Pay. Company Ownership. Unlimited Vacation.  401k and HSA company match. Benefits Day One. 6 Weeks Paid Parental Leave.  Work From Anywhere (yes we were distributed before it was cool).  Flexible Work Arrangements. Free Telehealth and Telemental Health For All Employees. Employee Networking and Events. Community Network Groups (Women’s, PRIDE, Culture, Geek).  Meaningful Perks and Rewards. Learning and Growth Opportunities.


  • We look at the future and say “why not”;  we see possibilities where others see problems or routines. We show the way ahead and are committed to achieving ambitious goals.
  • We practice straight talk and listen generously to each other with empathy.  We value different opinions and point of views. We ensure that we connect outside as well as inside to learn from others and inspire each other.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for delivering results. We choose to not to be a victim of circumstance.  We make decisions &  take responsibility so that we can act & support each other, rather than adopting defensive, and “finger pointing” behaviors.
  • As leaders, we motivate & engage our teams to undertake beyond what they originally thought possible, by developing our teams & creating the conditions for people to grow and empower themselves through enabling & coaching.