About Us

Brightline is on a mission to build a bright future for every child, bringing extraordinary behavioral health care to children and families.

We’re in the middle of a behavioral health crisis that we can’t ignore—especially not when it comes to our children. 1 in every 5 children has a behavioral health condition, yet up to 80% still get little or no help. Far too many families face insurmountable barriers when their child really needs help, and parents are too often left feeling alone and without the support they need. We can do so much better. That’s why we’re here!

When you join Brightline, you’re joining a team that has an unstoppable drive to change the lives of families across the country. We’re a team of thoughtful problem-solvers, expert and kind clinicians, and experienced operators and technologists. Above all, we’re committed to helping each other succeed, learn, and grow—all while bringing care to families when, where, and how they need it.

No matter what you’re looking for in your next role, we’re pretty confident that you’ll #FindItAtBrightline.

Our Tech Stack

We are primarily a Ruby on Rails shop and we are bought into keeping our tech stack simple so that we focus on shipping fast and having fun. Instead of betting on exciting new technologies, we favor straightforward solutions and defining standards so that the codebase and ecosystem are a joy to work with.

We use Tailwind and ViewComponent to make beautiful UIs. Stimulus brings them to life and if we feel the need for it, we might sprinkle some React on top. We use Typescript where we think it benefits us, and fall back to Javascript otherwise.

We run on Docker containers in AptibleGitHub Actions powers our CI process. Thanks to feature toggles and an extensive test suite we feel comfortable deploying whenever we want.

Our data is backed by PostgreSQL and Redis.  We collect and push data to our Data Science team via AhoyFluentD, and Stitch. Most of this ends up in Snowflake where we can generate awesome reports using Mode Analytics.

We make debugging and gathering insights for developers easy by collecting all sorts of traces in Datadog and Sentry.

We add what we need when we need it. We say goodbye to what is no longer useful.

About the Role

As a Staff Engineer at Brightline, here’s what your day-to-day activities might look like: 

  • Collaborate on projects end-to-end – from scoping features with product and design to shipping a finished feature into production
  • Write code across the entire stack (currently Ruby + Rails on the backend and TypeScript + React on the frontend, open to experience with Python + Django or similar languages and frameworks who are excited to work in Rails)
  • Have a mix of heads-down and pairing time, depending on the project and your energy levels
  • Curate a great codebase through architecture discussions, automated testing and code review
  • Bring a new perspective that helps our team continue to grow and improve

Enterprise Pillar

We have 2 main workstreams on the pillar. Here are the kinds of projects you might work on in your first few months:


  • Integrations with third party services
  • Onboarding new health plans and employers
  • Improve our onboarding flow, to connect new members with their coverage
  • Model contracts in a maintainable and forward thinking design

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Building out a best-in-class member billing experience
  • Improve transparency around member costs
  • Eligibility and data integration with health care providers

And here are the kinds of projects you might work on in your first few months:

  • Improving our initial user onboarding experience
  • Integrations with third party services
  • Eligibility and data integration with health care providers
  • Building out a best-in-class member billing experience
  • Onboarding new health plans and employers
  • Improve transparency around member costs

About You

  • You’re excited about improving behavioral health for children, teens, and their families
  • You love collaborating with team members from other departments (including product, marketing, clinical and more)
  • You own projects and see them through, even if that goes beyond code
  • You are thoughtful and empathetic in how you carry yourself, from decision making and execution, to communication and collaboration
  • You care about solving problems and aren’t tied to particular solutions or technologies
  • You have principal-level experience developing software professionally in Ruby-on-Rails and technical leadership

Bonus points for experience with:

  • Healthcare stuff™, especially around insurance billing, employer integrations, clinical workflows or coaching
  • Complex React projects – we’re still learning around testing, data management and component libraries
  • Experience with third-party integrations and API development, especially using GraphQL
  • Design chops – especially around animations and responsive UIs
  • Experience with data modeling and architecture
  • Experience as a hands-on mentor for other engineers
  • Start up experience

Benefits + Perks

  • Remote first and focused on community—we have Bright Spots with employees across the country (check out more info below)
  • Competitive compensation & benefits packages because we know the work you do is hard and we recognize how valuable you are, including an unlimited PTO policy + 14 paid holidays, Health, Vision, Dental, 401k, and stock options
  • Collaborate with diverse members across teams with weekly group learning opportunities and team breakfasts (and offsite retreats in the future!)
  • Dedicated time for your health and wellness, including group workouts and meditations hosted by Brightline employees
  • With your help, we’ll build diverse & equitable programs and experiences

Brightline is a nationally distributed team with many of our team members located throughout the country, some of those being: New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Minneapolis, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The Brightline office is headquartered in the SF Bay Area, but we consider all local and remote (U.S.) candidates. 

At Brightline, we believe that collaborative, diverse, and empathetic tech & product teams can create transformational products to change the lives of families across the country. In a conscious effort to create a diverse and inclusive environment for our employees and the families we serve, we celebrate our individual differences and walks of life. Brightline is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all applicants from every background and life experience to apply.