At Eppo, we are building the future of AB experimentation, so that every company can have an entrepreneurial, customer oriented culture. We dramatically lower the overhead of running experiments by automating all of the experiment operations work that typically get pushed to analytics teams, and wrapping the results in collaborative workflows that give confidence in the results.

Your Background

At a high level, we are looking for one of two backgrounds:

  1. A statistician who loves to code
  2. An engineer who loves statistics

Concretely, we are looking for this combination of attributes and skills:


  • Business owner mindset: you are comfortable making choices in ambiguous situations, and think of the team’s success and failure as your own
  • Constant learner: You are always learning new techniques, which leads you to develop a network that generates new knowledge
  • Builder: It isn’t enough for you to read about a topic, you want to implement it. Your joy comes from seeing an idea come alive.


  • Able to implement probabilistic techniques into a reusable statistical library, including bootstrapping, statistical tests, and ML models / regressions
  • Can build data engineering pipelines to gather the necessary data inputs (sufficient statistics) for statistical techniques
  • Able to build test harnesses for probabilistic techniques, whether via simulation or other methods
  • Can architect APIs that enable other engineers to incorporate statistical techniques in front end interfaces


  • Competitive senior engineer salary and early stage, founding team equity
  • Top of the line health, dental, and vision insurance
  • New laptop/equipment of your choice and whatever else you need to be productive
  • Compensation for learning materials, tools and resources to help you learn and grow