Every day, millions of people rely on WeTransfer to share their creative ideas.

Having made its name in the game of quick and simple file-sharing, WeTransfer has grown into an end-to-end suite of digital solutions with more than 87 million monthly active users in 190 countries. Beyond the WeTransfer.com platform, we have the storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, and inspiration-capturing tool Collect. We design and deliver delightful experiences that continue to feel obvious and intuitive to millions of people—from our moms to your favorite artists. As a certified B-Corp, WeTransfer aims to be a sustainable and responsible tech company, balancing people, planet, and profit

So, the work we do matters. Come and be a part of it.

We are looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to join our Infrastructure group.

The infrastructure group consists of 4 teams:

• Platform: responsible for managing our (AWS) hosting infrastructure and developer toolchain

• Authentication & Billing: responsible for payments, subscription management and identity

• Quality Engineering: responsible for (automated) functional and non-functional testing across all engineering teams, including our test harness

• Security: responsible for all application and information security at the company

Currently the engineering managers on these teams act as Product Managers and interface with the Product Management team themselves. We are looking for a dedicated Technical Product Manager to take over this role and be the dedicated bridge between Infrastructure and Product Management.

You will work closely with other product managers, engineering teams, user research, data analysts and financial analysts to design, build and release new products, features and capabilities. Some of these will be external facing, impacting our 80 million monthly customers. Others will be internal facing, supporting our teams of product engineers.

We are looking for a candidate with a track record of shipping technical products, focused on solving real world problems in delightful and innovative ways. You’ve shipped multiple releases and have lived through all aspects of the product lifecycle. Your experience as a hands-on engineer helps you understand the deeply technical projects our teams are working on. Your experience in Product Management helps you formulate initiatives in terms of business outcomes.

We strive to maintain a culture of kindness and inclusivity. Our team represents a variety of cultural backgrounds – open and clear communication is a priority. We believe diversity of perspective and experience are key to building great products. As a Technical Product Manager at WeTransfer, you’ll play a key role in fostering collaboration and creating an environment where people can do their best work.

What you’ll be doing

    • Nurture a deep understanding of our products, customers, and how the Infrastructure team fits in to provide a foundation for current and future business needs.
    • Collaborate with engineering managers and engineers to ideate, develop, launch and maintain Infrastructure products, features and capabilities.
    • Define,
    • Assess current gaps in our infrastructure, tech stack, and service landscape and work with product management and engineering teams to plan strategic bets, especially in the areas of: scalability, reliability, security, developer efficiency, and cost control.
    • Communicate complex technical changes and risks across the organisation.
    • Prioritise and manage the roadmap based on a wide range of inputs.
    • Evaluate the impact of initiatives your teams ship to developers and customers.
    • Conduct user research and market analysis to understand how to best support our product teams.
    • Motivate and align a group of committed, smart people to do great work.

Qualities we’ll be looking for

    • You’re passionate about infrastructure, about the hidden technology that enables a wonderful user experience. You obsess over things like latency and reliability. You care deeply about the developer experience.
    • You have thorough domain knowledge in at least some of the following: cloud infrastructure, SRE, devops, payments, security, authentication.
    • Preferably you’ve worked as a hands-on engineer previously in your career, have experience building software services, and experience running those services in a (containerised) cloud environment.
    • You are comfortable leading and influencing a team without being their direct manager.
    • You have launched and grown (technical) products in the past.
    • You are comfortable in the entire development cycle: from envisioning a situation different from the status quo, to articulating a path to achieve that vision, to detailing the nitty gritty of a release crunch.
    • You balance qualitative and quantitative research to validate your assumptions.
    • You are self-motivated, humble and eager to contribute to our dent in the universe.
    • You are not precious about ideas, are naturally curious and look to user insights for guidance in decisions.
    • You are self-driven and can manage change. You love to put things in motion and love the responsibility that comes with it.
    • You have had enough experience to demonstrate successes, failures and learnings.

WeTransfer is an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our people. We welcome you, and everything that makes you—well, you. That includes your gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, or disability status.

A note on remote

Covid has changed the world. Just as much as it changed us. While we can’t wait until offices re-open, being at the office will not be mandatory in the future. This way, you get the best from both worlds. That move is still pretty new for us though, we are getting there, we are writing more, doing more async communication, and are now ready to take it to the next level.

While it is not necessarily a determining or disqualifying factor for any role, you may be required to complete a standard employment background screening.