A Tribesy Team Invitation – Consultant

*We strongly encourage persons of all intersectional identities to respond to our invitation to join our TRIBESY TEAM!*

This team member will be US based and will assist in guiding and coaching clients through their Tribesy JEDI process.

Who You Are:

Tribesy Consulting has a tight knit, team-based culture, which means all team members are expected to participate in decision-making.  Below are some guiding characteristics our current team members are looking for in a new consultant:

* Critical thinking

* Flexibility

* Skillful and person-focused collaboration – with clients and the rest of the Tribesy team

* Team-building skills and experience

* Past personal experience and growth in JEDI concepts

* Leadership skills (or ambitions to develop them)

* Creative and innovative decision-making

* The ability to maintain a positive outlook while balancing difficult realities and subjects

* A healthy support network in personal/private life

* Good knowledge and skill base in JEDI concepts

* Strong personal drive to foster positive, lasting change

* Informed patience (e.g. able to be firm and direct) with adult learners

* Strong andragogy and organizational skills

What You Can Do:

If you have a natural talent for or experience in the following areas, consider joining us:

– Writing a variety of reports for clients

– Developing strong relationships with existing clients

– Researching and cultivating new clients

– Facilitating emotionally-charged conversations

– Creating strategic JEDI plans

– Executive coaching

– Facilitating focus groups

– Presenting and public speaking development and skills

– Human Resources development

What You’ve Done:

The new team member will work closely with the Tribesy co-founders and principle consultants as they grow into the Tribesy brand. Tribesy is flexible with the following baseline experience and education:

* 1-3 years of practical JEDI experience

* Undergraduate degree in a field necessitating human understanding

Equivalent practical experience is desirable if you do not hold an undergraduate degree
* Having natural talent to be patient and graceful with adults of all backgrounds

What You’ll Enjoy With Us:

This position is remote with approximately 25% travel.  The new team member will work half time/choice hours (based on a 32-hour week..approx 16 hours per week) and have the following:

* Competitive salary $30k-60k (depending on experience and geographic location) This is not an hourly position.

* Collective rest

* Holidays

* Accrued leave

* Retreats

* Optional insurance coverages

Like all Tribesy positions, this new team member will have an opportunity for growth and development within the firm.

How to Apply:

Want to join a JEDI firm that knows what it’s doing, gets actual results, and is invested heavily in you and your career?  We are seeking a team member that is looking for a professional home and enjoys partnering with a diverse client base, each with their own JEDI journey.

Submit your details with the subject line TRIBESY CONSULTANT to careers@tribesy.net.

include only your initials, and phone number. Limit of 2 pages (not including cover letter)

[OPTIONAL] Cover letter, including:

Introduction (Use only your initials when referencing yourself)

Details about yourself as they apply to the job invitation

Why you are excited about this opportunity, company, and/or JEDI in general


Video Submission
Tribesy welcomes new ways to tell us about yourselves and why you want to be a part of the team. If you’re more comfortable with a video submission to explain who you are in further depth, just upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video streaming platform and submit video link/video with the subject line TRIBESY CONSULTANT and brief description to careers@tribesy.net

To apply for this job email your details to careers@tribesy.net