Computers are the most powerful tools to exist in the history of humanity. Sadly, most people are mere consumers of these machines. Only a relative few—the professional software developers—can use this superpower to its fullest extent. As a result, it’s creating an unbalanced world where there are programmers, and those who are programmed.

Before the printing press, access to written knowledge was limited. The invention of the printing press allowed books to be distributed widely, which led to widespread literacy and democratic, scientific, and industrial revolutions. Still, society did not transform overnight. Generations had to grow up with new skills, outlooks, and ways of learning & communicating.

Replit exists to bring the next billion software creators online.

What if you could influence how an entire generation of programmers code? Despite incremental improvements, programming today has functioned the same way for almost 50 years. We’re looking for a contrarian designer to shake up our stagnant industry. As the designer on our team focused on growth, you’ll have a chance to rethink how millions of coders think about and interact with programming environments.

Note that the listed qualifications are mere approximations. If you’re a talented hacker but don’t really fit the requirements then get in touch anyway.

In This Role, you will approach problems holistically as you collaborate with cross-functional team members to define strategy, requirements, design experiments and product solutions across multiple touchpoints of the funnel.

You Listen Deeply, as a detective that uncovers opportunities to decrease friction and enable new pathways. You do this by listening and talking to users about their frustrations, goals, and dreams. On our team, you would own and create design impact as you imagine user experiences from conception to shipping.

Simplify, every day you’d translate complex problems into sophisticated design solutions that are grounded in user research and data. You’d bring the vision to life through sketches, storyboards, hi-fidelity mockups, wireframes, prototypes. Investigating and iterating. You adore testing your prototypes, capturing insights, and integrating your learnings into new versions of design experiments.

Think Big, close product gaps, while discovering concepts to leap into the future. Advocate for innovative end-to-end product experiences.

What You’ll Bring to the Team

• Experience in UX design and a portfolio of your work and thought process – Building and delivering consumer and/or enterprise products.

• Ability to balance a growth mentality, ambiguity, and design quality standards

• Strength in creating both lo-fidelity prototypes and hi-fidelity concepts.

• A thirst to learn about how your designs perform and appetite to iterate weaving both qualitative and quantitative data.

• Fluency in design software and working with a design system.

• Interest in staying on top of current UX and experience design trends.

• Experience leading production designers to reach goals.

• A desire to go beyond pixels: curiosity about how business, social, technical and behavioral factors impact the UX inside and outside the product.

• The ability to articulate and present design decisions, the problems they solve, and how they support business milestones, concisely to all functions of the organization.

• A passion for the customer! You are motivated by building delightful experiences for our users.

To Be Considered for this Role, please submit your resume and portfolio. In your portfolio, we’d especially like to see examples of projects where you’ve applied gamification techniques, product onboarding or orienting, personalized customer offerings, end-to-end design process, and anything that shows building solutions that encourage learning. If your portfolio is password protected, provide the PW in your submission.

This position is full-time and remote. Applicants must be geographically located -/+ 4 hours from the Pacific Time Zone.