VEED.IO is an online video editing platform that makes creative videos easy and accessible to all. Our platform is used by millions of creators around the world who use our products to telling stories, creating content, grow audiences and more (hey, you might even know some of them)

Since we started VEED in 2018, we have grown much faster than we could have ever imagined. We are now one of the most popular video editing applications in the world. As your userbase grows so does our talented team and we would love you to be part of that journey.


Can you imagine becoming one of the voices for brand like VEED? You can develop your personal brand as a creator alongside the content you create for us. This is a rare opportunity to join a quickly growing startup that has gone from $150K revenue at the start of 2020 to over $3M in revenue as of last month!

How many companies actually have a YouTube team? You’d be one of the first hires to this new team and can make an impressive mark as our growth continues to skyrocket. When we’re not making content for VEED we’re also building our personal brands. As a member of the team, we are all basically content obsessed and value being in a work environment that supports our goals as an individual as well.

About The Role

Last year we started posting to YouTube around February. Since then, we’ve gone from 0 to 13K subscribers. But even more importantly, our channel now drives a significant and increasing amount of traffic back to the VEED.IO website.

But we need your help to keep the content coming! At the moment we have one video creator, Alec, who you can check out on our channel to get an idea of what we make. We are looking to build a team of 2-3 video content creators and more as our YouTube team continues to grow alongside the company’s growth.

Our team leads are based in the UK (BST time zone) and Florida (EST time zone). We are both extremely passionate about content and strongly believe the best people for this role are also avid content creators like us who aren’t new to breaking down tutorial-style content online and are extremely comfortable in front of a camera.


  • You have a strong and strategic understanding of how to produce engaging video content that speaks to a specific audience and looking at data is part of your process to make judgements on how to improve your content.
  • Able to create anywhere from 4 to 8 videos per month for our YouTube channel where you are talking to our audience and teaching them about video editing.
  • You don’t rely on inspiration and have a strong and strategic understanding of how to produce engaging video content that speaks to a specific audience. In fact, looking at data is part of your process to make judgements on how to improve content.
  • You have who previous experience of being on camera (whether for work or your own content) and can prove it with links to published content online (please include this in your cover letter).
  • You are a natural on camera and have excellent clear communication skills in English for tutorial-style content as our channel audience is primarily English-speaking.
  • You’re able to not just be on camera but also create your own script
  • Major bonus points if you know how to edit videos too for social media
  • You keep an eye on trends
  • You have a passion for all things content creation and the idea of getting to make videos for work sounds like a dream job to you
  • You are an organized person with great communication skills who thrives working remotely
  • You’re not the kind of person who takes critique personally. In fact, you embrace constructive criticism because you crave being in a place that challenges you to constantly grow as a creator.
  • You have a quiet place in your home where you can make video content, your own camera, mic, lights, and excellent internet connection
  • We are a fully remote team but ideally would like you to not have a large time difference (no more than 4-6 hour difference) with our team leads based in the UK & Florida so that we can quickly communicate and apply any edits if needed to stay on our production schedule

MUST include links to videos of you on camera in your cover letter or resume to be considered.


Work remotely?

Work from home with your dog?

Need a few days off?

Work in a cafe?

Swap a weekday for a weekend?

Working a half-day?

All of the above is 100% good for us! Our entire team is remote (and always has been). We are happy as long you’re happy. You will have the freedom and autonomy you need to make decisions and do your best work. Our team is smart, energetic, extremely talented and driven. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we all love what we do.

VEED is a fast-growing bootstrapped company founded by Sabba Keynejad & Timur Mamedov. At the time of writing (Jan 2021) has grown from $0 to $3M ARR in just 17 Months in a highly competitive market. Altho we are bootstrapped, this does not mean we don’t have venture scale dreams.

OH one more thing! We would really encourage applications from ALL candidates. Our team is diverse in every way possible and we want to keep it that way 🙂